The No Label Story

No Label Brewing Co. truly began one sunny Saturday afternoon in the spring of 2009. The Royo family was sitting on the back porch enjoying some of Brian’s homebrew. After many pints, the conversation turned to the possibility of opening our own brewery. Although none of us had any experience running a brewery, we decided to give it a try.

The first step was to decide what to name our new venture. There are two versions of the story. The first is from when Brian was peeling the label off a bottle and thought, “Hey, there is no label on this beer bottle.” The second is that we wanted the name to reflect the family as a whole. Each owner, each person, is unique so finding a name that represents everyone was proving difficult. After trying several other names, we decided that “No Label” best represented how our personalities and beers are too unique to be labeled or classified.

No Label Brewing Co.’s first home was an old rice silo sitting empty in Old Town Katy. We signed the lease and after many months of sweat and tears our brewery was ready. We started holding small tastings for family and friends, who told their families and friends, and the numbers began to grow.

We are open every Friday from 4-7pm selling pints of No Label. $3 regular brews and $4 seasonal/one-offs. You must have a valid photo ID showing you are 21 years old to enjoy a brew.

We hold Saturday tastings at the brewery from 12 pm to 3 pm. We like to think of it as a backyard party with some of our closest friends. We look forward to having you join the party and chat over a pint of beer.


The No Label Brewery Folks

  • Our Location

    Fridays & Saturdays

    At No Label

    Join us at our HQ to sample our latest brews. Hang out and say hello!

    Friday Hangout- We sell pints now! 4-7pm. $3 for year round beers. $4 for seasonals.

    Saturday Tastings- Noon to 3pm. $8 Admission. Anyone arriving after 2pm will receive 2 beers instead of 4 beers.

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