Year Round Brews

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Eleven Amp IPA

ABV: 7.2%
IBU: 62

This is our take on the India Pale Ale style, inspired by West Coast IPAs. Less malt character and more hops, the majority of which are added in the final minutes of the boil or later. Drinks dry but not too bitter. Hope you enjoy, this one goes to eleven.

1st Street Ale

1st Street Ale

ABV: 5.0%
IBU: 14

This Blonde Ale is dedicated to the city of Katy, Texas. Because Katy was known for its rice farming, we decided to brew this beer with a touch of rice, giving it a smooth, clean, and crisp finish. Perfect for all occasions. Come try it at one of our tasting or look for it at shelf near you.


El Hefe Weizen

ABV: 5.6%
IBU: 11.7

A traditional German Hefeweizen. This beer is light and refreshing with strong notes of banana, cloves and citrus.  Perfect for that hot summer day.  Named after the boss of the house.


Pale Horse Ale

ABV: 5.9%
IBU: 36

American Pale Ale with a significant amount of malts and hops.  Slightly bitter but not overly hopped.  Dry hopped with cascade for a nice floral aroma.
Revelation 6:8


Ridgeback Ale

ABV: 6.1%
IBU: 24

Dark American Amber with strong flavors of caramel and roasted malts.  Balanced with just the right amount of Cascade and Golding hops for a sweet but slightly bitter ale.  Named after our dog Hailey.

Seasonal Brews


Mint IPA

ABV: 7.7%
IBU: 125

This IPA has 11 hop additions using 5 different hops.  The bouquet is of strong citrus and pine with a hint of spiciness.  Initial tastes will follow the bouquet with citrus and pine followed by a soothing mint at the back end.  The mint is very subtle and can be noticed as the beer warms. Available Spring and Summer.


Elda M.

ABV: 6.89%
IBU: 25

Milk Stout brewed with 10 different malts.  Rich flavors of roasted and chocolate malts with a hint of coffee.  This stout is creamy and sweet but not overly filling. Its perfect for a cold winter day. Best to let stout warm to 50-55F. This beer is named after the boat that Melanie Royo (one of our owners)  grew up on in Panama. Best to let this stout warm. Available every winter.


Black Wit-O

ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 10

A very different Dark Wheat Ale.  This beer is brewed with a touch of Star Anise at the end of the boil giving it a clean smooth finish with a hint of licorice.  Caution, this beer will bite. Available in late Fall.


Don Jalapeno Ale

ABV: 6%
IBU: 17

Based on our Pale Horse Ale, this beer is brewed with 60lbs of jalapeños – 30 lbs raw and 30lbs roasted (seeds included). Available every Spring.