Happy New Year!



Our plan in 2014 is to bring you NEW and EXCITING beers! Check out our list below of all beers we plan to release in 2014!

The first beer to be released is our Eleven Amp IPA! This beer will hit bars & restaurants (keg only for now) the week of January 13th!

Check out all events No Label will be apart of in January. Join us on January 30th at 7pm at the brewery for an 80’s Night Sing Along! $10/adult- Ticket includes beer and interactive 80’s Sing Along fun! Break out your inner Axel Rose and have some fun! Dust off those 80’s clothes and participate in the 80’s costume contest!

Don’t forget we are open every Friday from 4-7pm.$3 regular brews & $4 seasonal’ s. Come out and chat with our brewers!

Check out the beers we plan to release in 2014!

• Perpetual Peace Wee Heavy
• Barley wine
• Sour
• Honey Rye Triple
• Porter
• Saison
• Pumpkin
• Belgian Orange
• Dancing Bear
• Kiwi Wheat
• Bock
• Eleven Amp IPA- January 13th

Dates on these beer releases coming soon!!


No Label Brewery Folks:
Allen, Brian, Gil “Hippie”, James, Jennifer, John, Josh, Mallorie, Mark, Melanie, Zach and Baby Travis



  1. I tried your new 11 Amp IPA couple weeks back at the brewery. It’s lovely! What are the stats (ABV and IBUs)?

    Thanks and keep up the good work,

      • Jennifer, many thanks for the prompt reply. Nice stats. I simply must stop by the brewery this evening and give the 11 Amp IPA another go. It truly is “one louder.”

        I’m also crazy about your Mint IPA. It’s a shame you don’t make that one year ’round. I presume that’s due to the seasonal availability of mint leaves?

        Happy hops to you and all the NL Brewery Folks,

        • No, doesn’t have to do with the leaves. It’s an expensive beer to make with the amount of hops. Plus, we love to come out with seasonal. We would love to run our seasonal’ s year round but we don’t have the tank space for it!

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