1. Will there be other foods offered ? My wife dose’nt eat crawfish but I did buy V.I.P. for the both of us !

    • Jennifer Royo on

      The VIP includes the crawfish. We can refund you for one VIP ticket if you would like? Email jennifer@nolabelbrew.com.
      Other food will be for sale during the event- Baked potatoes, nachos, hotdogs, etc. Cheers!

  2. I bought 2 general admission tickets last night. I got the confirmation email showing that I paid. But never got any tickets emailed to me. How do I make sure I get the tickets?

  3. What aré the differences between VIP and general tickets? Is it only waiting in line and 4lbs of crawfish?
    Are Children 12 and under free?
    Any discounts for groups?


  4. VIP Tix still available? I’ve tried purchasing online but PayPal is not “able to verify” to of my cc’s. Called bank and the cards are not the issue so I’m at a loss. Need 4 VIP.

  5. colleen engel on

    I bought 2 VIP tickets to this event– are you emailing them to me or is there some site that I can print them??