May 2017



It’s time for PERPETUAL PEACE.

We thought we would start with that for this newsletter. We get many emails, messages, phone calls about our Perpetual Peace (a delicious bourbon barrel aged Wee Heavy). We usually release this beer in late December/early January. When our brewers tried it in December, they came to the conclusion the beer needed to age longer. So we aged it. For 200 days. Then we tasted it. It was delicious and rich and…..perfect. We switched this beer to a 4-pack instead of a bomber. We had a few reasons for this. The first being our Bomber Bottling Line was a difficult piece of machinery. We felt it wasn’t as consistent as our regular bottling line. So much so, there were many days our employees would have loved to take a bat to it, just like in Office Space. We also felt the value for the consumer would be great with 4 beers vs. 1 bomber (that you would need to finish immediately once opened). Perpetual Peace is a beer that needs to be shared with great friends and family. At 11.6% ABV, it should not disappoint. We feel this is one of our favorites versions we’ve done. Now available in our No Label Taproom and at several bars & restaurants, this beer should not be one you ignore. Perpetual Peace is very limited. We want to thank you for waiting patiently and we apologize for the delay. We just couldn’t release this beer until it was PERFECT.

Another wonderfully exciting beer we’ve been working on it our NEW Cape Comorin DIPA. This delicious beer is made with 4 different hops and stands at 8.8% ABV. We are releasing Cape Comorin May 1st. Visit our brewery, local bar/restaurant or stores to try. Look for the 4-pack under our Off Label Series when searching for this beer. We hope you enjoy!

Last but certainly not least, our Citrus Ginger Gose. This is a beer in our Havana Night Series, along with Mojito Lime Gose which will be released in June.
This refreshing summertime beer will be available starting May in most stores. With ginger and tangerine orange, it’s unique yet not overpowering. At 5% ABV, this tangy whet ale has a pinch of salt to give it just the right balance. On tap now at No Label.

We’re thrilled about our NEW lineup and hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed making it.

Thank you for your support and don’t forget- #fortheloveofcraft

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Perpetual Peace in stores NOW!!!!


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