Meet the team

Brian-RoyoMy nickname is “El Royo Loco”. You can also call me “Royo with Cheese”. My favorite style of beer is Stouts and Ambers. I really enjoy our Elda M. Milk Stout and our Ridgeback Amber Ale. Something you might not know about me is that I’m a huge Guns N Roses fan.
Jennifer RoyoMy nickname is “Banana Jen”. I prefer hoppy beers! Our Pale Horse is my favorite, with the Jalapeño Ale being a close 2nd. I graduated from UH with a degree in hotel and restaurant management. I met my husband while at school at UH. Something people might not know about me is I played basketball in high school and dreamt of being in the WNBA.
John-AndersonMy nickname is “No Label John”. I’ve worked at Compaq computers for 16 years, started brewing in 1999. I joined No Label about 3 years ago. My favorite style of beer is Black Lager or Belgian Wit. I really love music, especially 70’s rock. I always wanted to sing in a Rock ‘n’ Roll Band!
Scott-EldersI was running for Mexico with a posse hot on my trail. Ran out of gas in Katy, been here ever since. My favorite year round brew is The Pale Horse. In the mornings I like to plug in my guitar and annoy the neighbors with Stranglehold.
TAYLOR NANCEI’m used to being called T-Man, but you can call me whatever you want, just don’t call me Nancy Boy. I’m just another brewer following his dream. My favorite style of beer changes monthly, so ask me what my beer of the month is and I might share. I do love me some Eleven Amp and Boomstick, though! It may come as a surprise that I’m a total computer game nerd. Probably not a surprise. Prost!
Grant JacksonHowdy! My name is Grant and I’m a small town kid from Bellville, Texas. My favorite beer is the Elda M. Milk Stout, or pretty much whatever else is on tap. I’m excited to be a part of the No Label crew and look forward to having a hand in providing you with a cold one. Cheers!
Logan-RespessI’m not a son of a son of a sailor, but I did go out on the sea for adventure – and discovered a world of beers during my voyages. Formerly a Marine Biologist, I now serve as captain of yeast wrangling and quality control. Stop by for a tour and I’ll tell you all you ever wanted to know (and more) about the science that goes into making beer! I love most all beers, but am especially fond of “pints to pass the hours” with family and friends. Pale Horse fills this role wonderfully.
Paul-VegaYou can call me Paul, Paulino, Paulie…the list goes on an on. I love the craft beer industry and all that comes with it, I really enjoy our Perpetual Peace, and Ridgeback Amber. If you see me out ask me how craft beer reminds me of ball pythons.
Gale-CourtneyHi ya’ll! I was born and raised in Houston and now live in Katy. I am a very proud Texan and love volunteering with the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. I love live music, travelling (when I have money, hahaha), and Blue Bell Ice Cream. I have always been a big fan of No Label Beer and I’m so happy to be part of the crew now! My favorite seasonal beers are Suburban Funk & Texas Strawberry Blonde Ale and my favorite year round beer is 1st Street Ale! If you ever need to call No Label, chances are you’ll be chatting with me. Cheers! ¡Salud!
Mark VandervoortI grew up in Katy and have been coming to No Label since they opened, now I get paid to come here! It’s awesome to work at a place where you don’t want to go home when you get off work and you come up on your days off to see friends. My favorite beers are Ridgeback and 1st Street…come see what yours are!
JERRY WILSONMy name is Jerry, but I gave myself the nickname, “Bar Dude” when we opened the taproom. My all time favorite beer we make is the Don Jalapeno! I love drinking 40* beer that tends to make you sweat just a little. Swing by the brewery sometime and see if you can ask me a question about No Label that I can’t answer. I’m also the guy with the Big Chair with the No Label logo on it from the early days. Something you might not know about me is that I’m a huge fan of performance cars and I do all of my own maintenance on my 4 cars, 2 of them ‘turbo’ cars!
Abel RodriquezGreetings, my name is Abel and I’m a “hop head”…Though I’ll drink pretty much anything & everything, I find myself partial to 11 Amp, What the Hatch and the Don Jalapeno (like a true “Chicano”). With 25 yrs. in radio (10 in Houston) you’ll never find me far from great live music, which is why I love Saturdays around the brewery so much! I love to travel, which is why I’m a big advocate of “thinking globally and drinking locally”.
Andy AndrusHey Im Andy, having served in the military for for several years and traveling the world I’ve sampled hundreds of beers. I found my true calling here at No Label. I’m a dark beer kind a guy so Elda M and Nightmare are my two faves. So for some great beer come check us out here in beautiful Katy, TX.
Glasses Up!
Jessica BaloghMost people call me Jess or Jessica. I’m a bit of a hop head, but I also like to adventure out and try new styles. My favorite No Label brews are definitely 11 Amp and Nightmare on 1st Street! When I’m not chasing around my 2 kiddos, you can find me at a concert, home brewing, or hanging out with my friends at a local bar or restaurant. Something not many people know about me is one of my favorite jobs I had was being a crane operator for a steel mill in Baytown. I’ve been a fan of No Label since I moved back to Houston 3 years ago and I’m so excited to be a part of the team now!
Roxy RoyoWoof! Hi, I’m Roxy Royo. You can find me hanging out in the office hoping someone will rub my belly. I may not enjoy beer but I love hanging out at the brewery. So many friends to make, so little time. Hopefully one day No Label will name a beer after me. One day.